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HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-07 10:35:03.8930

Greetings all,

I have been a Line6 end user for a few years now (XT Live) and am thinking about getting an HD500 but sadly finding the time to get to a dealer to try one out seems to be all but impossible at the moment.

I guess my question would be best answered by someone who has made that particular transition.

While i understand that the HD500 will have surpassed the XT in terms of technology i actually have grown quite fond of some the patches in the 'ol XT and would like to transfer them accross to the HD (if i buy one) i guess this would be possible via monkey?

What are the key differences between the two, i know i could read the Line6 blurb but i am fairly sure that if i let them they would sell me back one of my old shirts telling me it is waaaayyyyyy better than before !  LOL

I play lots of covers and need the flexibility of lots of different sounds/patches

Can anyone let me know what i could be letting myself in for please? and in your opinion is it worth the time and the extra spend?  LOL  

Apologies to you experienced Line6 users if these seem like a daft questions.

nb current gear :-


Fender DeVille

Seymour Duncan 84-50 Quadratone (4 x 10)

Marshall 6101(112)

peavey Valveking (112)

Peavey Triumph 60w (112)

numerous guitars but for the purposes of this post

IBZ USA F4 (Neck) (H)

IBZ USA C3 (Middle) (S)

IBA USA F2 (Bridge) (H)

Many thanks if you have read this

Even more thanks if you decide to help me out and reply.


Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by phil_m on 2012-12-07 10:56:07.7960

I've owned PODs from all the different generations. There's more amp models on the XT Live, but the amps that on the HD500 are much better, imo. The effects on the HD500 are way better the XT Live, both in sonic quality and in flexibility. On the HD500 you have a completely flexible signal chain compared to the relatively fixed one on the XT Live. Personally, I think it's almost a no-brainer in going to the HD500 from the XT Live.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by Triryche on 2012-12-07 11:01:45.7390

+1 to phil.

And even though there are less amp models, there are deep editing parameters that allow you to create many amp tones.

You can not transfer your patches to the HD, you would have to build them from scratch.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by hurghanico on 2012-12-07 14:54:05.9980

I happily switched from XTL to HD500

MarkJones77 ha scritto:

...What are the key differences between the two...

- the touch dynamic response.. depending on how soft or hard you hit the strings you get nuances of timbre much like you would get with a real tube amp ..

- very similar to reality timbral response of the modeled amp to volume changes from the pot of the guitar ..
- more settings to customize the final sound
- the possibility of having two amp models at the same time
- improved quality of the
available amps and effects models
- greater flexibility of concatenation of the effects
- the looper


some XTL amp models are not in the HD ..

if you absolutely need them, don't sell the XTL ..
or wait a while before selling it, so you can make a direct comparison

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by scottyo78 on 2012-12-07 17:00:49.5190

I made the switch about 2 months ago and don't regret it one bit.

Be prepared for a bigger learning curve though - and the HD Edit software is a bit different than the s/w used with the POD XTL.


Ditto on everyone elses replies above.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by Apologist on 2012-12-08 05:10:57.0300

Ive owned both and prefer the HD series.

My favorite new technology is the ability to edit the cab and tube response of amp. You can filter out the lower end flab of the cab ... make it sustain forever ... add extra punch etc..and with the amp parameters you can adjust sag .. the modeled cranking of volume reaction to to the tubes ..etc. etc..

Also even if you don't have dual amps running you can still blend sounds via the flexibility of putting fx anywhere in the chain so you can have one effect mixed to Channel A and the other only on Channel B ..

In short .. its a great change up I don't think you will be disappointed though it may be a challenge at first to have to replicate all your old tones since they will not transfer to the HD series.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by vidaljuanes on 2012-12-08 05:55:41.4740

hola a todos, yo no soy experto pero emigre del XT Live al HD 500 hace mas de un año, y claro que extrañe algunos de los sonidos que me brindo el XT(por ejemplo los auto wah) , pero la calidad de los sonidos limpios, el peso y oscuro de la distorciones tedejan muy feliz. es muy superior software auque extraño la grafica de las equalizaciones.

espero que te de una buena referencia.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by vidaljuanes on 2012-12-08 06:03:36.2230

Hi all, I'm no expert but the XT Live migrate to HD 500 over one year, and of course miss some of the sounds that gave me the XT (eg auto wah), but the quality of clean sounds , weight and distortions dark tedejan very happy. software is far superior graphical stranger auque the equalizaciones.

I hope to give you a good reference.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by joel_brown on 2012-12-09 07:06:35.7950

Don't expect to just turn on the PODHD and have great tones.  Expect to tweak and learn for the next few months until you get comfortable with it.  At some point you'll probably wish you had just stayed with the XT Live, then when all seems bleak and hopeless, it'll finally click and you'll be glad you did it.  I'm actually serious...  Be very patient.  The presets suck and it takes a while to figure out how to get the damned thing to do what you want.  But when it finally does what you want, it's really nice.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:24:20.6610

WOW, thanks to you all so very much for taking the time out to leave your comments and suggestions, i really appreciate it guys!!!!

So it seems to me that it will be a monumental pain in the backside to make the change but ultimately would be very rewarding if ii take the plunge.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:26:00.5900

Thanks Phil, most appreciated

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:28:01.4510

Thanks Triryche, sometimes less IS more, i would rather have six killer tones than twemty six average ones.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:30:31.6830

Thanks hurghanico, lovin the "touch response" angle, i Do play that way and have felt like there's always compression (even when not added to the patch) from the XTL

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:32:01.6670

Thanks scottyo, not looking forward to having to "think" again !!  lol

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:35:30.0270

Thanks Apologist, lovin the idea of "sustain forever" as one of the tracks i cover is Parisienne walkways and i usually struggle to get that "one note" to hang on long often the drummer has to come to rescue !! and that ain't pretty ! lol

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:37:47.4890

EEEK, i hope it doesn't take me a year!  Thank you vidaljuanes, very helpful reference.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by MarkJones77 on 2012-12-09 08:47:07.6790

Thanks joel, now thats what i call down to earth advice,  i hope that if i do get stuck with somethin then some kind Line 6 'er may step in and give a hand.

Re: HD500 vs XT Live
by vidaljuanes on 2012-12-20 07:10:34.6990

OK, good luck

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