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can i call up presets on the m5 by selecting scenes on the m9?
by jazzuar on 2012-12-07 15:19:15.8930

hope this doesn't get too lengthy but here goes.. i purchased an m5 at first but realised quickly that i wouldn't be able to get all i need out of it so i traded it in for an m9 hoping to be able to trade my effects loop switcher for a midi one, also be able to get rid of my volume pedal, delay, wah, vibrato, etc. but the cheapest midi switcher from g-lab only responds to it's own specific midi commands and i can't change them on the m9. my idea was to call up scenes on the m9 which would be last in the chain (only for mod type effects) and be able to command the switcher which effects in the loop are on (fuzz, overdrive, distortion). i wanted to be able to say these mod fx with that fuzz and the other mod fx with that overdrive. anyways, it looks like that won't work without having to shell out €400-700 for a different midi loop switcher. so here's my idea, i get an m5 also and hook that up in my fx looper and connect that to the m9 via midi and when i call up a scene on the m9 can call up a specific preset on the m5. this way i can have one effect on a specific pedal and switch to a different loop and have a different effect and pedal. is this possible?

Re: can i call up presets on the m5 by selecting scenes on the m9?
by phil_m on 2012-12-08 08:07:45.4590

Yes, it's possible. The M5 and M9 use the same MIDI PC messages to call up scenes, so you can call up scenes on the M5 with the M9. The only drawback is that both MIDI maps are static, so you can't program the M9 to pull up a different scene other than the one associated with the PC# for the scene you're calling up. The other thing is that there will be one effect within the scenes in the M9 that will send a CC message associated with turning the effect on and off on the M5.

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