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No DT50 112 Extension Cab?
by noblesurfer on 2012-12-08 06:58:29.6430

The DT25 has a nice 112 extension cab that will fit under the DT25 perfectly.

The DT50 112 Combo could use a similar cab, but the only alternative is to either use the 112 DT25 cab which is narrower than the DT50 combo or else use the very large 412 cab.  Also, I presume the DT25 112 extension cab isn't rated to work with the DT50 output.

Are there any plans in the near future for a 112 extension cab?

If I were to buy a DT50, I would definitely want a stackable 112 extension cab to go with it.   The 412 is just to much size-wise for me.

Re: No DT50 112 Extension Cab?
by spaceatl on 2012-12-08 08:21:35.4750

I use a 212 cab with my DT50 112....I did change the speaker to a 16 ohm and my 212 is loaded with 16 ohm load is 5.3 ohms...That load makes the 4 ohm tap sound like the 8 ohm tap IMHO...just a slight load mismatch (old tone trick) and the benefit is that all the speakers are the same cone volume...

the DT25 cab works just fine with the DT50 techinally...but it's too narrow to stack it...not really practical...It's loaded with a GH-90 which is the same speaker the DT5012 comes with...I suppose two of them would work but then you would need 16 ohm speakers or a match xformer...

Re: No DT50 112 Extension Cab?
by noblesurfer on 2012-12-09 16:41:04.4640

Thanks for the reply.

It's really too bad. Good chance I would have bought one if it had a matching extension cab.  I really can't handle lugging around a large cabinet.

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