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M20D versus DL1608
by rudarel on 2012-12-08 16:10:53.0340

I posted this on Facebook at (Pauser Pro) chat website and i mean it.

I bought the Mackie DL1608 at (Sam Ash) in Phoenix and it is ok but it does not even come close to M20D. I exchange it after 45 days and after numerous atempts to contact Mackie's technical support, Don't expect MACKIE technical support to ever REPLY, i guess they are to big for that, my last email to Mackie was thanking them for not ever responding, that really made my exchange decission easy.

0. M20D has "channel linking" option, so my keyboard or Laptop stereo out can finally be adjusted with a single fader.

1. Four studio quality Fx's versus 2 mediocre Fx's on Mackie, specially the reverb, it sucks bad even after Eq-ing it...!!

2. XY Pad for best vocal EQ tweek, if you want a brighter mic..!! you just move the dot on the XY pad, and it does not just increase the high freq's, it actually deals with all the ( freq's and Q-es) on entire scale so you don't end up sounding to thin. This briliant algoritm compensate's to a brighter mic but yet a full background voice.  EQ voice with Mackie was a horrible experience for me.

3. 48v phantom power on selectable inputs versus all inputs at the same time on Mackie. Now i can use mics that do or don't require phantom power at same time.

4. Volume auto Track-Trim (keeps vocals in sweet spot at all time)

5. Save setup presets direct to SD Card, No more writing down numbers in case something happends to iPad or Mixer.

6. Record multiple channels on SD card or External Hard Drive, No PC needed

7. Computer interface.

8. Real instrument presets and mutch biger variety Then DL1608, i mean you have almost every musical instrument ever manufactured as preset, you even have a laptop preset to where you can link both channels from a laptop to one Fader on M20D for using backing tracks, Try that on Mackie DL1608, but most importantly this presets actually work, they do what their names suggests  loading everything you need for the instrument selected, including EQ, Compressor, FX, etc..., all tuned specifficaly for the instrument selected.

9. Did i mentioned 4 band compresor versus 1 band on Mackie... Every body knows what a plus that is specially when compressing the main out.

10. Automatic feedback detection and corection. It works grate, i tested it yesterday by getting to close to my ElecroVoice active speakers then opened up the EQ window to see just what changed, it applied a verry narrow notch filter exactly on the freq in question and then you can reset it if you want by simply pushing the reset button. Bravooooo M20D....!!

11. De-esser.......!!   AND MUCH MUCH MORE...!!

M20D was an instant hit for me right out of the box, Mackie took me a long time to tweek and in the end it never sounded like the M20D. Again, no respons from Mackie what so ever other then when i finally sent my last e-mail thanking Mackie for making my upgrade decision from DL1608 to M20D easyer...!!   I E-mailed Tec-support asking for help on EQ-ing my e965 vocal mic, i just needed them to suggest a EQ curve for my e965 mic that will bring me closer to reality and i would have tweeked from there to customize for my voice, nobody ever reply, so pissed off..!!

The Male presets that comes with DL1608 Sucks Balls...!! I tested with SM58, e965, and e835. don't know what vocal mic they used to make this preset with, Radio Shack?

The only complaint i have with M20D is the circular faders on ipad app, terrible adjusment jumps, a guy needs to be able to double tap the fader on iPad app and make it turn linear, and i mean actually linear..!!  make your adjusment and then double tap again to make it go back to circular shape for space convenience.

See DL1608 to M20D upgrade pictures attached.

Re: M20D versus DL1608
by markdaddy on 2012-12-10 13:58:09.7990

Thanks so much for the wonderful endorsement! Wow. Please feel free to post this on our Facebook wall too if you have the time (!

Re: M20D versus DL1608
by Octo777 on 2012-12-11 03:03:45.8130

rudarel wrote:

3. 48v phantom power on selectable inputs versus all inputs at the same time on Mackie. Now i can use mics that do or don't require phantom power at same time.

Glad you are enjoying your M20d, but just a little clarification, you do realize that it is completely safe to use Dynamic mics with Phantom power turned on, right?

I mean, I would agree that being able to turn the phantom power independently  on the top and bottom channel strips is better than having them all either on or off, but it would have actually been compeltely safe to use a mixture of condenser and dynamic mics with the phantom power on......

As far as I am aware it's only stuff like Ribbon mics that you can ruin with phantom power......

Someone feel free to chime in and correct me if I am wrong.....

Re: M20D versus DL1608
by ArneLine6 on 2012-12-11 04:18:28.1570

Yes, regular dynamic microphones have no problem with phantom power. There are still some problems with phantom power on. For example some DJ mixers and other gear with less than perfectly designed outputs, some ribbon microphones and plugging and unplugging the inputs causing loud pops.

Re: M20D versus DL1608
by roadranger on 2012-12-11 11:23:59.1580

If your cables and connections aren't perfect phantom will cause crackling which is quite annoying. I did buy a DL1608 but try hard not to use any phantom powered mics or DI's. Dynamic mics work fine as overheads for live sound and passive DI's are usually plenty good IME .

Re: M20D versus DL1608
by rudarel on 2012-12-11 22:13:32.1730

Thanks for the info of safe using 48v.

I have a wireless e965 and a cable conected e835, on my previous DL1680 i was getting pop's in my speakers when

Phantom power was turned on with both mics plugged in so i had to turn off the 48v to have 2 clean mics. Mi e965 wireless mic works fine without 48v but my e835 has better presence with the power turned on, so i had the phantom turned on an put up

With the pops.

Now with my new M20D i plug the wireless mic in the input strip with 48v turned off and my hard wired mic in the other input strip With 48v turned on, this way i get a good presence on my e835 and NO POPS Anymore, somehow my wireless receiver was generating pops when plugged in to

The same strip with the e835 and the 48V turned on.

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