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Brand New FBV Express will not calibrate
by jmk41653 on 2012-12-08 17:36:27.3940

Just purchased a Spider Jam Amp and FBV Express MKll. Pedal was not controlling the volume and had no wah pedal effect. I checked the software and have ver 1.1 installed. Tried to calibrate  at least 1/2 doz times but the indicator lights would not move from all lit when the heel was down. Reinstalled the software twice and even went backwards to ver 1.0 but peddal still did not function properly. reinstalled ver 1.1 and tried to calibrate with the same results. Now what?

Re: Brand New FBV Express will not calibrate
by fflbrgst on 2012-12-10 06:28:25.6830

Did you disconnect the USB cable before trying to calibrate?   Try a different CAT5 cable, if you have one.

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