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Custom Tone Sharing
by Nookage on 2012-12-08 19:02:20.7850

A while ago I found a page where people had uploaded custom Spiderjam tone settings, in the form of diagrams of dial settings for each tone. You could then use this as a guide in setting up your amp.

It is at Helpful but tedious. Wish we could download via SD?

I've saved my custom user tones to SD card (for backup) by saving silent, 2-second recordings to card. The small files thus contain only settings info in .JAM format, and custom settings can be retrieved by any Spiderjam set to "recordings set tone".  After loading the file from SD, you can "save guitar tone" to a user preset in the second amp.

Why can't we upload and share such .JAM files somewhere here? Can we already? They are not amongst the allowed file types for attachment here. The .JAM file need not be a silent 2 seconds, if someone wanted to share a whole jam with the world. But I'm thinking more in terms of tone sharing.

Pardon what is probably my ignorance.

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