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M20d levels with stagesource speakers
by groovedggr on 2012-12-09 09:33:39.3750

where do you set the mixer levels

I will set the speaker volume at the center notch on the back of speaker

but on the mixer -should I set the channel levels near the white line  and then adjust the mains as needed

or since I'm recording do I need to set mains higher and leave room to go up/down on channels

having the auto-trim is great

but now I have to set the channel vs main levels

and want a decent level for recording channels & mains

someone must have experience

Re: M20d levels with stagesource speakers
by dboomer on 2012-12-09 14:52:56.6200

Generally the best method would be to bring up the loudest sources in the overall mix so that they just go into the yellow on the channel (on their strongest parts of the song) bar graph and then blend in the other sources relative to where they will end up in the mix.  Now bring up the mains until you get the level you need for the venue (or until you run out of system)

You will want to do this with an eye to being somewhat equal between the channel absolute levels and the mains absolute levels.  In otherwords don't run the channels up into the red and the mains way down low in the green.  In this case bring each input channel down a bit and then the mains up a bit.  Ideally you should be almost equal but with a little morre gain on the input channels rather than the mains master.

If you find yourself exceeding the capabilities of the system( i.o.w. ... you're way into the red and still not loud enough in the house)  before you have enough level in the house take a look at some of the presets available for the mains outputs.  There are some "loudness" presets that can raise the average level of the system even higher before completely running into the hard limits.  You give up a little "dynamics" but gain overall loudness.  I would not regularly use them unless you really need them, but if you like the way they sound then go ahead.

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