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Flextone 2 xl usb-midi interface,
by stalkydog on 2012-12-09 11:19:27.6130


Another lost soul trying to get Line 6 edit to work on his Flextone11 XL via a usb midi interface. It used to work fine on my old XP PC using the gaming port on a soundblaster card, but now I need to get it running on my laptop. I bought one of the £3 cheapo interfaces and forced it to work on my Window 7 64 bit laptop with a dowloaded driver. I suspect the interface is working OK the device manger says it is fine, but it wont talk to the Flextone . Using the  Line 6 monkey no midi devices are detected.   The Midi Out light flickers when you refresh or search for devices but the Midi In light does nothing. Do I need a more expensive interface?, some say yes others say no. Has anyone made one of the cheapo interfaces work with Windows 7 and a Flextone11.


Rob W

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