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Nice Bass Guitar Tone
by airtime on 2012-12-09 12:01:27.3520

I do some looping on the fly and need to know a good bass guitar tone..does anyone have one??? Thanks..

Re: Nice Bass Guitar Tone
by hurghanico on 2012-12-09 15:50:48.7980

At the moment I don't have a bass patch to share with you but I think you can make a patch by yourself quite easily:

pick the flip-top bass amp model, tweak the drive and eq knobs as you like, probably a little compression would help to have some more punch and eveness, I wouldn't add much reverb, very very little or nothing at all..

hope that helps


you can find a couple of pro patches here:

Re: Nice Bass Guitar Tone
by killergege on 2012-12-10 06:06:01.5040

I'm also interested.

I have a lot of issues when trying to create a bass patch. I have issues with the output volume and distortion. It seems that I can't succeed in having a decent output volume, if I try to boost it a bit (with a drive, compressor or EQ), I end up with a little bit of distortion (especially with the E string). But I'm trying to get a "smooth" bass sound, and failed so far.

I'll check the patches linked.

Re: Nice Bass Guitar Tone
by MartinDorr on 2012-12-10 09:46:41.5360

You don't say what guitar or amp or effect you are exactly using. I found for the few amps and EQs I checked that one should avoid any input or output level to exceed -12dB to prevent unwanted compression, soft clipping or even distortion. I use USB output and a DAW to check levels for input and output between blocks.

If you use a JTV with Variax digital input and Input 2 = Same the guitar input level will probably already slightly exceed -12dB depending on model selection, knob settings, playing style, and guitar setup. Use an unused input for Input 2 to lower your input level by 6dB, e.g., i.e., set it to guitar if you are using a Variax or Variax if you are using a guitar.

It seems the Mixer can produce output levels above the -12dB level w/o distortion, but watch out for effects after the mixer (they may not like a hotter signal tha -12dB). My experience is that if I send a -12dB signal to my DT it's way load. So suggested the -12dB limit should not get in your way creating a load tone.

You may also run into PowerAmp/Speaker distortion if you use a guitar setup for Bass (especially as you seem to get the worst effect for the low string).

Good luck,


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