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Why does sound go wonky in JTX-89
by irchamandy on 2012-12-09 12:32:43.6480

I have a new JTX-89. Sometimes when I play it in modeling mode, some of the strings sound really wonky, like the computer has lost its mind. Also, it loses its mind when i try to reprogram alternate tunings (eg, not programming the notes i tell it to play but programming random ones instead). The first time it happened I thought it might be because the battery was low.  I recharged the battery and the guitar behaved like it should.  The second time it happened (i have only had the guitar for a couple of weeks), the batter indicator showed four green lights so I thought it was full.  I recharged it anyway and the problem went away.

Has anyone heard of this problem?  Is it caused by the battery?  If so, why would I have the problem when the battery shows four green lights?

Thank you,


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