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by arf-man on 2012-12-11 05:09:47.9390

What have you done to make the Univibe setting palatable? Ironically I build a lot of effects and amplifiers for people, and here I am using a M13! And I really like it...except the univibe setting doesn't sound anything like a real univibe..I've heard originals and honestly the ones I've built are spot on as I've got a good source for NOS parts critical to the sound. But the M13 uni is horrible...worst sound in the M13. I do have version 2.04 of the OS if that is a consideration.

I use the Uni and I'm just about an inch away from adding one of my univibe clones in the signal chain...and now I'm getting back to the reason I abandoned using discreet pedals in the first place (well, that and I got good money for the ones I sold...).

I tried to communicate this to Line6, anyone know how to talk to them? They really need to punt and start over. There is nothing particularly exotic about the original circuit that should make it difficult to model, not compared to flangers and phasers...

I'm new to the board by the way and I'll try to contribute as I can. Nice to meet all of you.


Re: Univibe
by TheRealZap on 2012-12-11 05:29:07.7110

this link goes straight to the developers:">">

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