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Home use only: best amplification method?
by Ryder35 on 2012-12-11 15:14:55.7190

Hi all,

I have just purchased a pod hd to give me some much needed tonal options. I currently play through a marshall jmp1 1 watt tube amp and find the volume level just right. The tone of my pod hd500 is not good through this however. What would people recommend for home use only? I am torn between some rokit monitors and the line 6 dt25. I like the idea of a tube based modelling amp but am worried that for home use I will need to crank it too high to get good tones. I know it has the low volume mode and I will probably end up using that almost exclusively but, if that is the case will the monitors sound better at those volume levels.

I mainly play classic rock so no really high gain if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any advice!


Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by hurghanico on 2012-12-11 15:35:55.4540

for low volume levels I think that one or two active monitors will be more than enough..

a DT25 for always very low volume levels playing it seems a bit wasted in my opinion because the included real valves never work that way..

Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by PremiumJones on 2012-12-11 20:43:00.0430

The entire point (or at least a large part of the point) of a POD is that you don't have to crank anything to get good tone.

If you want a good power amp saturated tone, dial it in on the POD. That's what it's there for.

In my opinion, the POD + a pair of decent-ish monitors, like the Rokits or even cheap Behringers is absolutely ideal for a bedroom/apartment type player - you can get any of the tones you want, including classic cranked power amp tones at any volume. No need for a guitar amp of any kind.

Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by kevanprince on 2012-12-11 20:50:24.0940

I'm BARELY an intermediate player, and have been through a ton of equipment while learning.

I had an HD500 that I sold and now I have another one.

I had a DT25 that I sold (even though I liked it a lot).

I have a pair of Rokit 8 monitors that I got about a week ago.

I have a pair of Sennheiser HD280 headphones.

My experience so far is that for home use only, the Rokit monitors are much better for me than the DT25 was. The DT could get LOUD and definitely sounded best that way, but that was louder than I wanted. The low volume mode was okay, but was a noticeable downgrade from normal volume mode. The Rokit 8s are very good for my use at home. They can also get very loud, but they sound just as great at low volumes as at higher ones. And stereo effects are really cool too. I will say that I'd have been just fine with the 6s.

Oh another good thing about the Rokits is that I have them connected to the HD500 and leave the 500 connected to my laptop, so I can play any audio from the laptop through the Rokits.

Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by Astaroth_CY on 2012-12-11 21:20:24.4230

Grab a pair of Kustom active speakers, 10" or 12", or get a small PA package like the Phonic 820/S710 or 820/S712 depending on your budget (this is one of the few stereo PA packages, most are actually mono). FRFR is the way to go for home setups.

Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by Ryder35 on 2012-12-11 22:48:19.7380

Thanks everyone, especially Kevanprince as you have tried exactly what I was asking about. Looks like rokits for me, which is great as I can save some money! Just going to get a single speaker to start with I think. Don't need stereo At the moment.

Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by kevanprince on 2012-12-13 07:03:56.7870

Very welcome, glad I could help. One speaker will be fine, I'm sure. I wanted to be able to simulate dual amps, one through each speaker. Keep in mind that the DT25 does sound quite good in normal mode but at lower volumes (think: loud TV volume), but sounds even better when you get the tubes hot and compressing. It was not a bad option by any stretch. Still, the Rokits are excellent for home use and a slightly better choice for me for home-only use. Good luck to you!

Re: Home use only: best amplification method?
by GTLazer on 2012-12-14 01:33:39.8340

I've got a pair of the little Rokit 5s and I think they're excellent. I was a bit concerned about their capability at the lower end, but I was pleasantly surprised. They're set up in one of the spare bedrooms, a good distance apart for a nice stereo spread and are more than happy anywhere from the-neighbour-is-in-bed volume to the-neighbour-is-on-holiday volume.

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