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Output Settings?
by Zangon595 on 2012-12-12 01:24:09.5750

Hey guys, I hadn't updated my Pod HD400 for a while, so I downloaded about 6 months of updates today...and I have to say, it made everything alot muddier. Even my patch that's only a tube screamer in the pre and a noise gate made my amp sound like it was being played 19 football fields away. So, I tried playing with some output settings...I can't recall what I was using before, but in the selection of options asking to switch between "Combo Front, Combo Amp, Stack Front, Stack Amp", all of them sound either far too muddy or far too bright. I'm running a 6505+ head into an Avatar cab with V30's, going for more of a "Cut gain, boost mids, snarly" tone. Anyone notice mud in their Pod over the last few updates? If so, any advice?

Edit: I've tried boosting some of the highs in my patches to make them less muddy, but I can't brighten up the tone without getting a "honky" response. My 6505+ sounds like an overdriven country guitar when I set the Treble on my tube screamer anywhere past 20%.

Re: Output Settings?
by Zangon595 on 2012-12-13 10:23:44.3640


Re: Output Settings?
by mazuwa on 2012-12-13 22:52:53.9490

I'm a HD500 owner. But have you done the factory reset after firmware update? It might also reset your Output Mode. Check it.

Re: Output Settings?
by Zangon595 on 2012-12-14 09:24:27.9990

I couldn't figure out how to do the factory reset. I've been told you hold down the left "arrow" selection while powering it on, but when I did that, nothing happened. It did reset my output mode, but none of them sound the same as they did before, all are either too harsh or too muddy.

Re: Output Settings?
by scottyo78 on 2012-12-14 17:38:45.8050

This is how to do the resets for the HD500... not sure if it's the same for the HD400. But once there, you can poke around further if needed to find a more specific answer.">">

Re: Output Settings?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-12-14 18:08:50.4100

The HD500 method will not work.  BACKUP YOUR PRESETS FIRST USING HD EDIT !!!!

On the HD400

- power ON while holding down A Footswitch = Factory Reset. All factory presets are restored; no firmware update.

- power ON while holding down D Footswitch = Initiate Pedal Calibration procedure.

Expression Pedal Recalibration HD3/400

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