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Right Headphone channel dead? (POD 2.0)
by muvotx on 2012-12-12 09:20:27.4470

Been happily using my POD 2.0 now for ~10 years as a late-night headphone practice setup.  All of a sudden the right headphone channel is dead.  I can hear the right channel "click-pop" when I turn the unit on and off... but I can't get any sound.  The left channel works fine, and the L and R line outputs also work.  I have been "getting by" the past week by plugging the line outs into a seprate headphone amp, and playing through that... but I'd rather just plug straight into the units headphone out.

Is this perhaps a firmware/software bug?

Is there a simple fix, firmware reboot perhaps?, If I can DIY repair it myself I'd rather to do that than send it somewhere for a $$$ repair.

Some pics if it helps any, but again its ~10-11 years old, and I am the original owner... thanks!!

Re: Right Headphone channel dead? (POD 2.0)
by Triryche on 2012-12-12 12:30:31.4670

You can try a factory reset.

WARNING!! You will lose your settings, see if you need to back them up.

press and hold the up and down arrow buttons as you power the unit on for ~ 5-7 seconds or until it goes to the preset 1-A

Re: Right Headphone channel dead? (POD 2.0)
by Mr_Arkadin on 2012-12-13 01:42:45.3230

It may be something simple like a dry or cracked solder joint on the headphone socket jack. Certainly worth opening up to find out rather than getting it serviced.

However, the first thing I would try is spraying some isopropyl alcohol onto a 1/4" jack plug and insert it/remove it quickly a number of times to see if that cleans it up a bit.

Re: Right Headphone channel dead? (POD 2.0)
by muvotx on 2012-12-15 21:01:15.3920

Thanks for the tips...

I tried resetting the unit, that didn't sove it.

I'll try taking it apart and re-flowing the solder joints leading into the headphone jack.

I hope that solves it... really like the high gain marshall settings.


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