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Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by jmtaww on 2012-12-12 13:07:02.4030

I just got a used POD HD500 and have a Tech 21 PE.  Granted, I just got the pod hd500 and have not even made my own pacthes yet, but as of now, I am not impressed with the Tech 21.  Question is, should all the 3 EQ settings on the back of the Tech 21 be at 12 o'clock for a flat response?  The tech 21 cabinet just sounds a little weak.  I can tell it has enough volume, but seems to lack some thickness in overall sound.  Sounds a little tinny to me.  If anyone who owns this setup, I would appreciate any tips to making this setup sound really good because it seems a lot of people are happy with this combo.  I also wasn't sure if using FRFR speakers would be better or not compared to tech 21.  Any info is appreciated, thanks.

Re: Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by agile on 2012-12-12 18:06:23.0490

Hi there,

My setup is as follows -  Variax 500 (or HSS Strat - although I prefer the variax) into Pod HD500  left channel into Tech21 Power Engine and right channel into back of Fender Mustang 3 (line return - power amp section only without the Fender DSP). I run the Pod using Studio Direct setting. Sound is to die for ...both at bedroom volumes or at full blown gig volumes. Amazing equipment if you ask me as I have run the gammet using pod (X3 Live granted- sold it when I got my 500) a Spider amp, Keyboard amp, 2 Behringer 212 powered PA cabinets and then my current setup. My current setup kicks butt...and stereo too.

Re: Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by brue58ski on 2012-12-13 00:56:55.1390

What are your EQ settings on the Tech 21.  Please give in an "o'clock"response. Thanks!

Re: Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by jmtaww on 2012-12-13 05:04:47.9840

I have all knobs at 12 o'clock to try and get the most uncolored sound from the tech 21. I am going to mess with some of my own patches this weekend to see if that changes things. I hope it does. I guess my ear is so used to my other class "A" amp amd analog pedals, it may take some adjusting to.

Re: Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by rychester63 on 2012-12-13 06:46:12.6330

I've been using this setup for a couple of years now and yes you have to adjust the patches to the amp having all the eqs at noon, then use the amps eq for minor room changes to get it to sound good to you. My only wish is that Tech 21 would make a head version of this so I could use it with a 4 x 12 to push more air, but then again I would have to adjust all my patches for the difference.

Re: Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by mtrembl1 on 2012-12-31 09:05:34.3130

I have a Tech 21 4x12 cabinet, 400w max that I am selling if you are interested.  They used to make a 300w head unit, but it has been discontinued.  You can check out the archived page here:">">  The cabinet I have is no longer listed on the site, even in the archived section.  It is slant front, 400w and has the trademark brown (or whatever color that is) grill, instead of the black grill they all come with now.  I'm sure you're not interested, but I figured I'd throw it out there since you mentioned it!

Re: Tech 21 & POD HD 500 Question
by bluesmandan76 on 2012-12-31 15:52:50.7350

The speaker in your power engine is a celestion seventy 80. The specs are here:">">

As you can see from the celestion page, this speaker has a drastic drop off below 100hz, and a top end boost from 2000 to 4000 hz. That's fine for a guitar speaker, but not so great for full range amplification. So......

On your power engine, you'll need to trim BACK your highs, and then boost your lows to flatten the sound response... I'd suggest adding some mids, too, to warm or thicken it up a bit. Try setting your Lows at 2:00, your Mids at 2:00 and your highs at 10:00.

Also, make sure that your HD500 is set to LINE not AMP... just to the right of your master volume there are three little switches... the one on the lower right needs to be set to LINE... otherwise some part of the amp modeling is left out and your sound will be thinner.

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