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G90 or G55, Which is the 'Flagship' product?
by stanwalters on 2012-12-12 20:41:27.5280


My search for reliable guitar wireless quickly led me to Line6 products, but after reading dozens of reviews and browsing the main site and the forums for a few hours, it still isn't clear to me where the G55 fits in the product line.  Using a 'BMW-style' number interpretation, it would seem at first that the G30/G50/G90 products were introduced relatively around the same time (and some time ago), and the G55 was introduced this year as an eventual replacement for the G50 in the middle of the lineup, with the G90 maintaining its position as 'top of the line' (possibly hinting at an eventual G95 successor).  However, there don't seem to be enough differentiating specs to allow one to conclude that this is the case.  The G55 is given top billing on the wireless section of the web site, along with many pictures and paragraphs describing the features - yet the actual spec sheet includes less than half the data of the G30/G50/G90 specs page, and doesn't allow for an apples-to-apples comparison.  Additionally, language like '4th-generation wireless technology' hints at something new in the G55 that possibly even the G90 may not posses, yet there is no indication what 'N-th Generation Wireless Technology' is in the G50/G90 so it isn't much use in deciding which to buy.   At the end of the day, they're within $100 of each other on the street, and in this price range it isn't a big deal to drop another $100 to ensure I've got the absolute best system available - it's just not clear which one it is!  Can anyone clarify the product hierarchy for me? 



Re: G90 or G55, Which is the 'Flagship' product?
by dboomer on 2012-12-13 08:31:25.7270

All Relays use 4th generation technology.  Both G55 and G90 use the same transmitter.  The difference is not sound quality nor reliability but simple feature set.

The G90 allows the use of 4 antennas and has transmitter A/B switching that the G55 does not.

Re: G90 or G55, Which is the 'Flagship' product?
by sdevino on 2012-12-16 15:02:58.1370

I can add a little bit to Don's answers. 

The G50 is intended to provide a pedal board solution for players who want external antennas. The G55 is intended to offer a 1/2 rack solution for those who prefer not to use a pedal board product. They both use the same bodypack transmitter.  We don't see the G55 as a replacement for the G50 but more a new choice for people who are rack based and don't need all the functionality of the G90.

I hope that helps.

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