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GarageBand & Midi Mobilizer
by joebiernacki on 2012-12-14 05:27:30.0460

Help!  I cannot get Midi Mobilizer to work with GarageBand on my iPad.  My Midi Mobilizer works fine with the midi memo recorder app - so I know the hardware is ok.  No where on YouTube can I find a video on iPad's GarageBand playing a midi file with the Midi Mobilizer.  Odd.  The adervisting from Line 6 states that it does work?!  Is there something simple I am missing. In short, I want a track in GarageBand to be a midi file that plays my Roland digital piano along with the other tracks I have recorded from guitar etc. 

Re: GarageBand & Midi Mobilizer
by gChrisG on 2013-01-02 16:06:16.3660

I'm sorry to hear about your frustration.  There are two things that could be at work here: 

(1) First, you don't say whether you have the MIDI Mobilizer II, or the original MIDI Mobilizer.  Only the MIDI Mobilizer II works with GarageBand; we don't claim that the original MIDI Mobilizer does.

(2) GarageBand doesn't send MIDI Out from tracks.  Doesn't matter which brand or model of MIDI interface you use, this is a general GarageBand thing.  It just lets you use a MIDI interface to send notes from an external MIDI source (like your digital piano) into GarageBand to play the internal touchscreen instruments.  The notes aren't sent out again on playback of the track as with most MIDI sequencers.  The only way to get at the recorded MIDI notes is to transfer your project file to a Mac, and open the file in Logic.

Because of this limitation in GarageBand, we use phrases like "use MIDI Mobilizer II with GarageBand," and never wording like "record and play back MIDI tracks with GarageBand" as that wouldn't be accurate.  Again, sorry about the disappointment.  You might try submitting a feature request to Apple to make sure they know that customers like you would like to have this feature in GarageBand.

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