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POD HD Pro external amp control?
by luigman on 2012-12-14 09:25:21.8170


I am thinking about getting a Mini Amp Gizmo (">"> to controll my amp settings from my POD HD Pro.  I know that you can assign Midi to footswitches on my FBV Shortboard but I am wondering if it is possible to assign the POD HD Pro to send a Midi command when switching settings.  In other words, I want to program it so that when I switch settings on my POD HD Pro, it also switches my amp's channel (and reverb and boost) to whatever I have specified it to be for that setting.  Is this possible?


Re: POD HD Pro external amp control?
by AustinForeman10 on 2013-03-06 00:05:37.9110

Bump. I'm curious about this as well. To be a bit more clear, I'm using my POD HD Pro as an effects processor with the four cable method with my Peavey 5150. Could I send a command to not only switch patches on the HD Pro, but to also switch channels on my amplifier? Example: Preset 1 (HS Pro's OD, Comp, Noise gate on my 5150's lead channel) to patch 2 (HD Pro's delay/reverb, clean boost on my 5150's clean channel).

Re: POD HD Pro external amp control?
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-06 06:28:12.6220

Yes, I am pretty sure that is possible.  You can assign a virtual 'footswitch' within the POD Pro to send a Midi CC or PC message to an external device on whatever channel.  I am not 100% how the Shortboard map's onto those  footswitches but I am pretty sure that at least some of them do.  Perhaps somebody else can explain the relationship between the shortboard footpedals and how they map onto HD Pro ''footpedals'.  I know how it works for a Midi controller but my shortboard knowledge is sketchy.

As for channel change etc .... well you need to make sure that your Amp Gizmo (or other 'Midi Switcher' ... there are a few on the market) can fully control your amp.   It depends on the footpedal cable(s) that your amp requires and you would be well advised to check the amp and Switcher specs to make sure that your amp is fully supported - hint: email the vendor if in dou.  With that confirmed, the HD Pro should be able to send the MIDI commands to the switcher (CC or PC as required by the device, again check documentation)

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