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POD XT in effects loop, FB Mk II Wah pedal clipping unit when engaged
by indyj_son on 2012-12-14 15:33:42.6880


I am currently using my POD XT in the effects loop of my amp. (Send in to POD, POD output in to  amp Return). This is because I am only using the POD as a modulation "stomp box" unit, I am not using the amp models or overdrive.

It works fine until I engage the FB MkII wah pedal. It then starts to Clip the POD.

I've tried adjusting the the channel and output volumes on the pod but in order to make it stop clipping and have to really turn it down so it is a much lower volume than if I take the Pod out of the loop.

Is there something I can do to adjust this via a pedal setting/selection?

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