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How 2 use the limiter and the comp on the Main Out?
by tochiro on 2012-12-16 10:04:58.4840


I have 2 StageSource speakers and noticed I could use a limiter and a comp on the M20d Main Out.  But what benefit could they provide and how to set them?  Could you please help me?  Thank you.


Re: How 2 use the limiter and the comp on the Main Out?
by ArneLine6 on 2012-12-16 13:58:50.2970


The Stagesource speakers have a built in limiter that protects the speakers. The limiter in the M20d main output is set to never let the output clip as a default. That means that it only acts when you would clip the output. That is the technical side.

The M20d also has a multiband compressor in the main output. It can make sense to set the compressor in a way that it acts a little bit before the limiter would kick in. This way the limiter effect comes in softer. To set a multiband compressor can be very complex depending on the wanted results. We have a variety of presets for the main out with multiband compression. You can try these and go from there. Tweak and try ! Just be aware that a large amount of compression can cause a flat sound and feedbacks if it is exaggerated. If you stick with the presets and tweak a little bit you can get to a point where the multiband compressor just does little bit of gain reduction in the loud parts. To get there you want to adjust the threshold parameters, labeled "Threshold", of each band to a point that you can see the metering just do tiny bit of gain reduction in the loud parts. The thresholds should also not be at very different points realitve to each other except you want to reduce bass or the high mids etc.

This can really tie a mix together in a good way and give more level before limiting. Just remember to be rather subtle.



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