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FBV doesn't switch anything on Vetta
by conquerorworm on 2012-12-16 19:45:48.1800

Picked up a used Vetta 1 upgraded to 2.5, with an FBV (older one, actually has FBX on it). The FBV buttons don't actually do anything on the Vetta. It does power on and when I change patches and turn effects on and off from the amp, the LEDs on the FBV turn on and off, it even displays the patch names so communication is happening in one direction.

I have tried a new cable and looked at the pins in both CAT5 connections, they look good. Am I missing something to make it work or is there something else I can check?

Thanks in advance, I'm super excited to get to know my new-to-me Vetta!

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