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POD HD 300 Pedal calibration, "check value: " not shown
by Mirkmeister on 2012-12-17 10:19:36.8420

Hi all,

I got a problem with my new POD, volume pedal never does variations of volume and also as wah, it's always like it is at MAX position.

After the pedal calibration procedure i noticed that the screen of my pod doesn't show me the "check value parameter" , the one between

0 and 127 i supposed, infact the screen says after the selection of the MIN and the Max positions "Pedal to max position Prs ChD to save" and not "check val:127 Prs Chd to save". I either did a factory reset and flash memory update but the problem persist. Hope is a software issue and not a mechanical problem but i'm starting to doubt :S


Re: POD HD 300 Pedal calibration, "check value: " not shown
by zeffy on 2013-04-21 01:45:56.6600


I have the exataly same problem,

the system won't let me to set the MIDI 0-127 value

display "pedal to MAX pos prs chD to save"

trid many times of the calibration, no result

it's a pain.

plz some one help with it


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