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montain lion does nt recognized anymore my short board mk2 !!
by popechkou on 2012-12-17 14:12:28.6600

HELP !!!

i ve got a mac book pro earlier 2009 (not a unibody) ... i just reinstall everything, because i put a ssd harddrive inside...

I want to reinstall my shortboard mk 2, i install the latest monkey and fbv control.....

No hub, directly connect to the usb of my computer, i change the cable.....nothing, the shortboard is not recognized........

but it s perfectly working on a PC...... please help ! i will burn this shortboard !!

is that a problem of driver ???

it was working perfectly when i as under lion and snow leopard... please line 6 find a solution !!!

thanks by advance,

Re: montain lion does nt recognized anymore my short board mk2 !!
by Scott_TN on 2012-12-22 20:26:50.5450

I have a spider valve mkII and use spider valve edit and I had the same problem. I also bought a new midi to usb cable with not luck. What worked for me was reinstalling the driver(s) for the midi cable then opening line 6 monkey (at this point I checked that all my firmware was up to date), then I opened spider valve edit and then the MacBook Pro recognized the shortboard. My MacBook is a late 2010 running Mountain Lion 10.7.5. I hope this helps, Good luck.

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