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Stereo recording (Amp to the right, but runs in both channels)
by lachinelli on 2012-12-17 20:16:38.2120

I'm about to record some guitars. I want to have 2 tracks of the same performance; I'm going to mike the real amp and I wanna record a line signal with an amp emulation from HD500. I thought that I had tried this succesfully when I tested the HD500 the first times, but today I wasn't able to achieve it. I want to plug the left output of the POD to the Amp which is supposed to carry the signal with pedal effects but no Amp emulation, while I'm recording the Right channel (with Amp emulation) over the S/PDIF output straight to the interface. The chain is basic and consists of a tube preamp, wah, distortion, hard gate and delay, being active only preamp and distortion most of the time. After that, I chose no amp to the left (signal to real amp) and Amp to the right (Signal to computer interface). The weird thing is that the amp emulation was active in both left and right...cause I tried switching left to right outputs going to the amp, and Amp emulation sounded in both...

How should I proceed?

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