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going back in time
by tragomago on 2012-12-17 20:19:03.7830

i'm discovering some things going worst and not better.. i'm happy with things i purchased in past like pod 2.0  vetta II you really pioners.. but i'm little anoyed: my original pod (year 2000) can change tuner reference and my 2012 pod hd 300 cant.. you are masters cutting features only to justify higher prices of hd 400 or 500 i guess. you also remove some effects without real technical reason. and what about updates? why you turn an exelent metal sound like uber to a fuzzy shit? first time i tested i thougt my pickups were broken or something like that. i also thought you could make a good pitch bending whammy effect in 2012 but not yet..better than vetta 2 but tracking problems make pitch and synth efects almost unusable.. when will you make this things well?l  maybe its too late..i spend a lot of money more in several things with you for bad thing mixed with good thing.. some brands make things well..

Re: going back in time
by robbec2012 on 2012-12-17 23:59:10.4620

the pitch bend/glide effect needs to be set in pre.. sounds like sh** in post.

Re: going back in time
by Akeron on 2012-12-18 02:40:04.9590

tragomago wrote:

maybe its too late...

Yes, it's definitely too late, Line 6 doesn't read this forum anymore...

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