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Audi interface/USB mixer query
by jpa76uk on 2012-12-18 05:29:34.5070

Hi I have a pod HD 500 and a UX1 with amp farm 2.5 boss drum machines and a sequencer keys etc can you help me work out the most simple way of recording all these things together on my laptop, I can't work out if I need a USB mixer to connect everything through then record via DAW or if I need some kind of audio interface. Last time I was recording stuff it was done on a tascam 8 track with tape which seemed fairly straightforward. I mainly want to record a drum track then bass then guitar then add keyboards or sample etc over the top but it would be good to be able to run the drum machine and play the guitar or bass at the same time on different tracks so do I need something with more than 4 line ins?

Re: Audi interface/USB mixer query
by Triryche on 2012-12-18 05:57:44.6290

Not sure which drum machine you have.

One approach would be to capture the drums into your DAW. If your drum machine does not act as a USB audio interface you could use the UX1 with a blank patch.

As for the HD 500 or the UX1, you would need to use one or the other as an ASIO device, you would not be able to run them simultaneously as ASIO devices.

Re: Audi interface/USB mixer query
by jpa76uk on 2012-12-18 12:59:14.7020

I'm using the boss dr880 I also have a dr5 I was thinking of using a mixer with USB such as one of the mackie profx models would that work with a daw?

Re: Audi interface/USB mixer query
by Triryche on 2012-12-18 13:35:17.0860

It really depends on what workflow/application you are after. Many of the entry level USB mixers only send 2 channels to your DAW. For instance, you might have 8 inouts on the mixer, but it only sends a stereo mix to your DAW, which makes post recording mixing virtually impossible.

So one approach is to get an interface that has the correct number of discrete channels going to your DAW, and route all the analog outs to the mixer.

Or use your existing equipment and build one track at a time. Since I mostly record solo this is the approach I use, with a small analog mixer for monitoring.

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