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Mountain Lion driver fix - when please?
by paulmcc on 2012-12-18 06:40:52.9100

Like many others, my UX2 will not work with my macbook air running Mountain Lion. I raised a support ticket and was told to use an older machine (which has now died) so I have no working audio interface. I've read plenty of posts from others with the same problem and the support ticket reply says that Line 6 are working on a fix.

The question is, can Line 6 give any indication of when a fix is scheduled to be release? Ballpark is fine, but the complete absence of any information other than "we're working on it" is not acceptable. I've been unable to record for over a month now. If the fix is a week or so away, I'll stick with it, if it's going to be march 2013 or whatever, I need to buy an alternative.

Some actual input please guys?

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