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How do I control my DT25 with a FCB 1010 ???
by theranga67 on 2012-12-19 03:54:06.2440

HI guy's, I have recently downloaded the new update for my DT 25 and was wondering how I can control it with Midi ?
If anyone could answer these questions that would be amazing

- Can I put a different amplifier on each pedal with all the Eq untouched (accept for the drive) due to wach room and guitar sounding different and needing different tones?

- Is it possible to put the drive on one of the expression pedals?
- what input do I run it though ??

- How do I program it ?
- Can I put 10 amps on or only 8?

- And I am sure I will have more questions but yeah thanks for the time been

Re: How do I control my DT25 with a FCB 1010 ???
by Kupsik on 2012-12-19 05:45:07.2040

I'd advise to follow DT amplified MIDI implementation Guide -">"> I don't have FCB 1010, so I don't how what it's exactly capable of, but according to this Guide, you should be able to switch all 8 voicings with different values of CC 122. Also controlling drive with expression pedal shouldn't be any problem - it's done by CC 13 for channel A and CC92 for channel B.

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