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Variax 300 power issues, revisited
by hazydave on 2012-12-19 11:27:02.4930

Hi all... I've been away from my Variax for awhile (blame the other guitars), but I'm doing a Christmas charity thing in a week and, just thinking of how I want a 12 string acoustic for the first song, then a Les Paul tuned down 1/2 step, with an Edge-style delay, got my 300 and Pod Xt Live back up, polished off, and sporting new strings (well, not the Pod Xt).

Now I'm revisiting problems I've had all along. The Variax works just dandy on fresh Alkaline batteries, always has. But pretty much any other power supply, including NiMhs, 1/4" power inserter (whatever that bad boy is called), or VID power, and the poor thing loses its mind. It's pretty clearly a power issue, and some models are worse than others, which reinforces that theory. Down the road, I'm probably taking the 300 down to my lab, going over the main board with my soldering iron, checking power levels on a 'scope, etc. and I'm sure I'll figure it out (I do this stuff professionally). But since I was in town (software updates), I just figured I'd see if this was a known problem. It would be so cool to have the Pod switching Variax models, etc, and to not have to worry about batteries again.

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