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Mobile In detailed documentation?
by jrs6067 on 2012-12-19 21:54:24.4860

I checked the FAQ's for the Mobile In looking for more details on the ability to play along with a song on the iPhone using the eighth note.  I am able to find a song and play along with the song.  I just figured out how to loop a portion of a song, move the start and stop points and turn looping on and off.  Moving the points is pretty hard on an iPhone.  I wanted to know if there is any instructions for this portion of the mobile in?  How do you reset looping?  Can you queue multiple songs?  I haven't been able to find anything in the literature to give direction on this feature. Put slowing down the song on the wish list too!  Thanks.


Re: Mobile In detailed documentation?
by gChrisG on 2013-01-02 17:57:20.0040

I'll try to answer here for you.

- In the Mobile POD app, tap the eighth note icon to show the music player.

- To import a song from your iTunes library, tap the Library icon (at left with 3 lines).  Because of licensing restrictions, Fairplay protected songs can't be imported.

- Pick a song, starting with Artists, Songs, Albums or Genres.  Navigate to your desired song and tap it.  The song will load. 

- Start the song playing by tapping the Play button (big single arrow)

- To set a loop start, tap the Loop icon (circle with arrows to the left of the eighth note icon) while the song is playing.  Tap at the exact time you want.

- To set a loop end, tap the Loop icon again at the exact time you want.

Playback will loop between the start and stop markers you set until you tap the Loop icon again to turn looping off.

To jump back to the loop at any time, tap the Loop icon again.

You can drag the playback position (boundary between blue & white section of the timeline).

Hope this helps.

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