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Mobile In - how can you increase guitar input volume?
by edstar1960 on 2012-12-20 10:40:42.5860

Just purchased Mobile In and using with iPad gen3.

1) Can't seem to get enough volume on Mobile Pod app - have to have iPad on almost full volume to have it sound half decent

2) Can't get enough volume on input to Garage band - again have to have iPad on almost full volume and when recording notice that it has very low signal level, and when using JTV59 acoustic models can't get them loud enough

3) Can't use Mobile POD as input to Garage Band - so it's just a stand alone collection of amps and pedals - also can only get it to play along with unprotected MP3 files saved in iTunes

4) Can't use Mobile In when iPad has it's Smart Cover on

Am I doing something wrong or is my Mobile In hardware a lemon?

PS: I can't get it to produce sounds anywhere near as good as the ones demo'ed in the Line 6 Mobile In demo shoiwng JTV69 into Garage Band via Mobile In as seen on Line6 website.

Re: Mobile In - how can you increase guitar input volume?
by gChrisG on 2013-01-02 17:47:07.9930

Hi again Ed –

There are a lot of places to control levels.

The iPad's volume controls (volume up/down buttons and the home screen volume slider) only control the final hardware output volume, not the input volume.  Most people seem to just leave it set somewhere between 80% and max volume, and get a good output level that way.  You can test what a good level would be by playing an iTunes track that you know well in the "Music" player (formerly "iPod") app with the output volume controls set like that.  Most music apps will get close to that level most of the time, including Mobile POD.  Also Mobile POD has an overall output level slider (transparent, on top of the output level meter) – where's that set?  Most people seem to keep that between 70% and 100% too.

The Mobile In input level, on the other hand, doesn't have any hardware level control, and that's on purpose.  This is the only way to make sure that the guitar signal hits the modeling processing at the right level every time, for reproduceability of your tones.  The level is optimized for electric guitar, and the unusually wide dynamic range (over 105 dB) makes it forgiving for differences in different guitars' output signal levels.  The tone presets in Mobile POD are designed to work with that kind of level.  If your JTV is hitting your apps at a radically low level even when you have the JTV output pot at or near full, and if there's cable issue, then maybe you do have a faulty Mobile In unit.  If it's only off a little then you should be able to turn up the Gain knobs on the amp models a little to compensate.

You're correct that Mobile POD processing can't be fed into GarageBand for multi-tracking... but then again, no other tone app can either.  Unfortunately this is a GarageBand and iOS thing that we can't do anything about.  Some folks work around this by tracking on a laptop, some run Mobile POD on one iOS device (like an iPhone or iPod touch) and track into an iPad running GB.  Some people try to make due with the limited multi-tracking built into the other tone apps, but nobody I've spoken with has been satisfied with that approach.  What everybody really wants is GB.

On the smart cover, can you say anything more?  People here in the office have been using it with Mobile In, usually with the cover folded into the triangle position which doesn't interfere with the 30-pin connector.  What's not working?

Also the built-in guitar clips are dry recordings of a JTV, and are processed live through the actual POD DSP.  Your JTV shouldn't be sounding worse.  Do other guitars sound OK for you in Mobile In + Mobile POD?

     – Chris

Re: Mobile In - how can you increase guitar input volume?
by edstar1960 on 2013-01-04 08:39:52.2310

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your very comprehensive and detailed reply.

I will experiment with the volume controls next time I use Mobile In, to see if I can improve the situation.  Certainly, when I used the acoustic models from my JTV with the volume up full via Mobile In, I struggled to get a decent record level in Garage Band on my iPad - I just had to settle for a low input level which did not produce the results I had hoped for.  I will also compare my JTV sound against the sample guitar clips.  I have tried other guitars and they perform the same as the JTV.  So possibly my Mobile In does have an issue.

Thanks for explaining why it cannot be used directly as input to Garage Band and for outlining options to get round this limitation, although none are applicable for me as I only own an iPad, so if I want to use Mobile POD tones then I will just have to record with another device.

Regarding the smart cover - I just realised that I should have said smart case - I have this one:

The problem is that the sides of the case have a lip which protudes above the docking connection, and that hits the top of the Mobile In unit, preventing connection.  So, I have to remove the iPad from the Smart Case to use Mobile In, which is annoying. If the docking plug of Mobile In was on a small flexible cable then it would be possible to use it with the iPad in a smart case.  Again, I don't think there is anyway around this.

Best Regards


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