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m9 doesn't work anymore
by youngmanblues on 2012-12-20 15:51:53.9890

Hi guys,

I got a m9 and it suddenly had this problem,
when I booted the m9 up it suddenly didn't work anymore, the looper button gives a red light like it normaly does and my right bottom knob led works.
All the other leds don't light anymore and nothing responds. The display still works and I can put the looper on and off, also there is allways 1 effect running, i can't switch it off but i can change the effect to whatever i want.
I already tried updating the software and that was possible but my m9 still doesn't work.
Here is a picture of what it looks like [IMG][/IMG]

The m9 is stuck in a sturdy pedalboard, allways in my warm room and hasn't been moved in a long time, it worked perfectly fine the day before and the day afterwards it suddenly did this. It wasn't connected to a powersupply that night

I couldn't find a thread with a problem like this, is there anyone who also experienced this? and that know how to fix it


Re: m9 doesn't work anymore
by elgomez on 2013-01-01 12:00:00.1910

Hey I just turned mine on this morning and I am having similar problem. Mine is stuck with a delay on and I can turn the "Model Select" button to change the type of effect on the second effect. No buttons work just the model select button. Any Help would be great as I use this pedal for gigs.

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