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DT25 Combo Speaker Settings
by Finewest on 2012-12-20 19:33:29.3520

I would like to use my new DT25 combo speaker with a cab also attached; can I? My cab is a Line 6 stereo cab with 4 speakers (slant) and has connection options for 8 ohms for stereo, or a single 4 ohm connection for mono. Can I leave the combo's 8 ohm speaker connected while I also connect the 4 ohm cab? Or do I have to disconnect the combo's speaker first? Thanks! (I hate ohms!)

ps... I've had the DT25 combo now for about a couple of weeks and OMG! This is the future boys! The blending of tube and modeling is seriously cool! I also have a Line 6 POD HD Pro linked in and it's going to take a lifetime to explore all the tonal possibilities. Really enjoying it!

Re: DT25 Combo Speaker Settings
by Inerzia on 2012-12-23 16:28:25.8280

All relevant info is printed on the back of the amp, just below the powered output jacks.

It's A, B or C, and they're mutually exclusive, so, no combinations allowed.
You can, however, pair speakers or enclosures with the same impedance:

  • Four ohm out (A), admits one four ohm load or two eight ohm loads
  • Eight ohm out (B), admits one eight ohm load or two sixteen ohm loads

I hope this helps.

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