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How do you know if the models are working as designed?
by edstar1960 on 2012-12-21 04:31:52.7510

I know it sounds like an odd question, but given the number of threads where people have reported faults with the modelling or the alt-tuning that were then fixed by reflashing the firmware on the JTV, I wonder whether those people that have reported that they are unsatisfied with the modelled sounds or that find them coming short of the mark when compared with the demo's are simply just suffering from a subtle firmware problem that is effecting the modelled sound and preventing them from being heard at their best or working as designed?  

How would you know?

It would be great if there was some way that you could confirm that the firmware was 100% accurate after installation on the JTV and that the models were being reproduced on your JTV exactly as designed. 

Obviously the first thing to try is a reflash BUT that could lead to new problems as sometimes a reflash goes wrong AND it would be so helpful if there was a simpler and quicker way to determine the firmware and models are all OK to avoid the need to reflash.

Re: How do you know if the models are working as designed?
by silverhead on 2012-12-21 07:15:20.9240

Hmmm.... that's a very good observation, and a good practical question based on the observation. But I have no idea what an answer might be. All evidence can suggest that an update was successful, yet problems are found and a repeat update seems to fix them. Hmmm....

I wonder if we can make analogies to other computer systems for some guidance. For instance, how can I know that my Windows Updates were actually installed successfully? The feebdack might say so, and the System Information might indicate so (e.g. Windows XP SP3) - but how do I really know there wasn't some little glitch that might affect something? And if I notice something going awry, should I uninstall and reinstall using Windows Update again? I can't remember ever having to do that - but nor have I have ever had any indication that a JTV update has failed. Yet some seem to.

I don't know that there is an answer, but I'm interested in other opinions. Presumably, if a software installation process includes any kind of feedback re: its success/failure then  all available checks and balances to determine that success/failure will have been considered. Can things still go wrong even though success has been determined? If so, is it reasonable to expect that there are some post-installation checks/tests to determine success/failure that weren't initially considered? I don't know. Is this situation unique to the JTV? Probably not.

Re: How do you know if the models are working as designed?
by faccurso on 2012-12-24 18:11:00.8140

I'd agree with both you and silverhead: with you in that my alt tunings are off - and seem to getting worse and worse (a reflash and then back again to older version) - but this alt tuning "mirroring" was happening before. With silverhead as far as a programming problem. It is a good question, and one of the reasons I'm retired from programming! It's not supposed to happen, but if you touch one thing in a program (a flash version!), other things CAN - and often do - go wrong. To include code and processes (ie: checks and balances in your words) that recursively test every last variable, parameter, etc., would be costly, huge, (add your own words).

They do need to do something with the alt tuning thing. In open G, I'm hearing both the D and the natural E. Not good. I'll be looking in this list for other alt tuning issues. If I do not find one, I'll create a thread.

Thanks edstar & silverhead.

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