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Mobile in/pod requests.
by animastereo on 2012-12-22 02:39:53.5550

This is close to being great.

But in its current setup I'd rather use amplitude.  Why???

The looper punches in and out correctly.  This thing does your head in if pure trying to learn asking.  And no speed control either to slow parts - or change keys.

And when can we use mobile pod in GarageBand........


Love most of our stuff line 6 - let's get this the best iPad ap out there.....

Re: Mobile in/pod requests.
by gChrisG on 2013-01-02 16:38:57.9670

Thanks so much for the feedback.  We agree that Mobile POD's modeling is the best out there, and that combining that with lots of other powerful features would be killer.  About all I can say is that we're listening to you, and we're always working on the next release... so stay tuned.

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