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Noob here - Quick question regarding use of MKII on Spider IV 150
by Remlap on 2012-12-22 13:35:47.9780

If anyone can answer my question, I would appreciate a response.

2 weeks ago I got a Spider IV 150 Combo amp and a FBV MKII Shortboard.

So far I"ve loved this amp and effects.

I've tinkered around enough to figure out how change/add artist and song presets

to the A,B,C,D banks and I've pretty much added what I want so far.

My question is regarding the switching/using the presets as needed.

I've seen several people suggest putting all rhythm presets in one bank (A for instance),

all Lead related presets into B, Clean in C and Phaser/Flanger for instance in D.

Great suggestion for organizing and I've already done all that. I have my rhythm stuff in A, leads in B and Cleans in C for now.

My quandary is that if I have a rhythm for this song on A3 and I want to kick into the lead on B7

I can't seem to do that. When I set my A sound for 3, it also sets my B sound do B3 and then also

C is set to 3 and D is 3.

If I go back and change my lead to B to sound 7, now A is set to 7 as well as C and D. This is frustrating.

I was under the impression I could mix/match as needed. Before the song starts I could select A3 for my Aces High

rhythm and then have B7 Rock Star Solo ready to go with it.

Not so as currently setup. All of the A,B,C,D banks seem to be locked to the same number as described above.

Change A to 12 and B,C,D are all now set to 12. That's not what I want to do and it seems to severely limit

the ability of this unit.

Does anyone know if this can be remedied in the FBV controller software or is this just the way it is?

If rhythm A4 can only be used with B4 and C4 and D4, I"m disappointed. Please help.


Re: Noob here - Quick question regarding use of MKII on Spider IV 150
by fflbrgst on 2012-12-24 05:21:11.4230

If you have the FBV MkII Express, you can only switch between presets A.B,C &D in the user Presets bank you have currently selected on your Spider amp.  If you have the FBV MkII Shortboard, you can can also go up and down between the banks.

With either controller, if you want to go from one preset to another preset with the 1 click of a button on your controller, you need to have those presets in the same User Bank, so if you have Bank 1 A  and Bank 2 B and want them to be quickly accesible for another song, save them together to another User Bank.

Re: Noob here - Quick question regarding use of MKII on Spider IV 150
by Remlap on 2012-12-24 14:22:03.6580

Thanks fflbrgst,

I was afraid that was the answer. I had the wrong impression of how it was lined out.

I'll have to re-think my strategy and now best to use this thing.

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