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DT25 in Standby mode
by danievanderwalt on 2012-12-25 08:28:04.9580

I am using the DT25 connected to a G-system using the 4CM. The FX-loop system is working in FPM and LVM when the amp is not in Standby mode. However my objective is to use the direct-out into a mixer so that I can use headphones in silenct mode. The problem I experience is that the FX-loop is disconnected when in LVM and Standby mode. Is this related to the direct output configuration of the DT25 or can this be overcome by a diffrent cabling method. I have searched the forum for this particular question but could not find any information. I will appreciate if anyone can give assistance.


Maybe a Line6 expert can reply, I simply want to now if the FX loop is active when the DT25 is in LVM and standby.



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