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Variax 300 not connecting to Workbench (only showing offline mode)
by biggav79 on 2012-12-27 10:09:13.7660

Hi, I have just got Workbench and installed all of the monkey/workbench updates on my iMac.

My Variax 300 is plugged into the powerpack footswitch into my amp and working. The RJ45 is plugged into the variax and the usb box (which has green lights both sides) and then into the main body USB ports on the iMac.

When I run Workbench, i am given the options of 'variax usb interface 'Variax (500/700)' and 'Variax 300/600 (offline mode) ' . The former doesnt allow me to enter workbench due to incorrect drivers and the latter just shows the start screen but states that there is no device connected and its in offline mode.

Monkey shows all of the drivers as being correct and up to date, i have checked all of my connections. what am i doing wrong?

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