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thinking about buying M13 but someone answer this question...
by dan3the1man1 on 2012-12-27 16:46:55.9920

I've been playing my bandmates M9 to know if I really want the M13 and I seem to have come across a dealbreaker. So as a Stompbox, it simply adds effects to what my amp is producing. I'm in love with the Distortion I have created through my Spider II 2x10. I also love my clean channel. I don't want either one altered. The problem is I need to switch from Distortion effects to Clean or Clean Effects. I can't change the channels on my amp and the even bigger problem is I can't re-create the same Distortion through the M13 even using the Line 6 Drive & Line 6 Distortion models or anything else for that matter. They just don't compare to what I get through my amp. Is there a way anyway possible around this??? Thanks in advance.


Re: thinking about buying M13 but someone answer this question...
by adamisbass on 2013-01-08 14:19:24.7680

Does your amp have an FX-Loop? You could use the preamp of the amp for the distortion, then send the preamp signal to the M9/M13, do delays and filters, and send the signal back into the FX-Return of the amp.

Re: thinking about buying M13 but someone answer this question...
by fakenz on 2013-01-09 00:57:53.8750

I have the same problem. I prefer my amps gain channels. When I use the amps foot switch to go from a gain channel to clean I also have to hit a corroponding scene foot switch on the m13.

I don't know of a way around it.

There are some songs we do forwhich I have to use m13 distortions so that I can use 'latch mode' scene switching and cut things down to one switch. I'd be doing a tap dance otherwise.

My base setup (row a) I have now almost the same for my clean scene and distortion scene, anything fancy I add in at the time (live) by hitting the scene switch again to show the 12 effects for the scene. I have favourite less commonly used effects in row b and c.

This way I can change from clean to distorion on my amps footswitch as the base sound for me is the same (chorus, delay, reverb)

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