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Completing the dream rig today
by flynvgtr1 on 2012-12-28 06:02:19.1550

I am ordering a dt 25 today and trading in my spider valve 1. What is a fair trade for this? I wish I could of kept the v30' s in it since that is about all is worth in itit in  my opinion.

Re: Completing the dream rig today
by geppert on 2012-12-28 10:10:27.0590

In a similar situation I ended up keeping my SV212. I wasn't going to get much on a trade in so I opted to keep it as a spare amp and also use it as an extension cab for gigs. Love the DT25 though. Keeping the SV also let's you play around with a true "stereo" set up from your POD. Although not ideal as with a pair of DT's, you can make it work and it is fun to experience. I realize however, that economics may require that your SV needs to move on either on trade or private sale. I will admit that my SV doesn't get used all that much but when my friends come over to play they don't have to bring an amp.

Sadly, I can't comment with authority on the used price value of the SV's. eBay is usually my bench mark. Do a search for "Spider Valve" (sort by Highest Price First to put the amps at the beginning of the listings) and a bunch of them will pop up both MKI's and II's

Re: Completing the dream rig today
by flynvgtr1 on 2012-12-28 18:50:58.9330


       I traded her. I had nothing but great tone from it and not a problem. I hated to part with her but I am building tones for the dt 25 when it gets here and if I'm correct..... Oh my!!! I'll let the community know.

Re: Completing the dream rig today
by geppert on 2012-12-29 10:32:44.4840

I hope you got a decent trade in value for the SV? I think you'll really like the DT25? Good luck with your next amp journey. The ONLY thing about the DT25 that bugs me (over the SV) is that the Master Volume is before the Efx Return jack so if you're going into the amp to use the power section only (which I never really do btw) you can't adjust the amp's volume. I used to really like that option on the SV where the master volume comes after the return jack. I discovered this when I was playing around with a stereo set up, using the HD500 analog outs to the efx return of both amps to bypass their preamp front ends. Someday, I think I may get another DT25 for stereo? I had an opportunity to try this combination once via L6 Link as I briefly had two DT25 heads to try out. If I do, the SV will likely go at that point.

Re: Completing the dream rig today
by flynvgtr1 on 2013-01-07 05:31:09.6940

The DT 25 arrives today. Can't wait to hear this thing!! Dream Rig complete!!

Re: Completing the dream rig today
by flynvgtr1 on 2013-01-09 07:06:20.9850

Quick ? In LVM full or pre models? My guess is full.

Re: Completing the dream rig today
by PDKTDK on 2013-01-09 07:07:57.9150

FULL is reccomended in LVM.  Of course, use your taste as well.  You might create some type of hybrid superamp!

We use the pre's in full mode so the power amp of the DT can handle the power amp portion of the modeling

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