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HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by Ed_Saxman on 2012-12-28 09:44:35.3670

Hello everyone!

I want to share with you my first setlist entirely dedicated to the Jazz sound: F
rom the most classical eras, to cutting edge fusion tones.

It contains many presets I found in CustomTone, but I have modified most of them. This means they can sound very different from the originals. I respected the original names of the presets, in consideration of their authors. There are also some originals presets created by me.

I used a Variax 700, with the Gibson ES-175 model in the neck position all the time. All presets have the right volume to sound at maximum volume without saturating (better check this if you have a different guitar).

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am doing.

Please do not upload to other sites, better use a link to this page.

Ed_Saxman HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist (2012)

This is the full list of presets:

Jazz / Fusion,0,1A,'57 Gib ES-175 
Jazz / Fusion,1,1B,'61 Gib ES-335 
Jazz / Fusion,2,1C,'64 Ampeg B15n 
Jazz / Fusion,3,1D,'64 Vibroverb  
Jazz / Fusion,4,2A,AC30 - Clean                   
Jazz / Fusion,5,2B,Accoustic      
Jazz / Fusion,6,2C,AintTalkinBout 
Jazz / Fusion,7,2D,Bassman Chorus                 
Jazz / Fusion,8,3A,BigWarmCleanHall
Jazz / Fusion,9,3B,Blackface Clean
Jazz / Fusion,10,3C,Clean Fireball                 
Jazz / Fusion,11,3D,Cleanchorus                    
Jazz / Fusion,12,4A,Clean Chorus 2 
Jazz / Fusion,13,4B,Clean Cuy      
Jazz / Fusion,14,4C,Clean Fender   
Jazz / Fusion,15,4D,Clean Lux      
Jazz / Fusion,16,5A,Clean Slap     
Jazz / Fusion,17,5B,Clean+                         
Jazz / Fusion,18,5C,Da Twin (Scotfield)            
Jazz / Fusion,19,5D,Dimeola Clean                  
Jazz / Fusion,20,6A,Ed Fliptop Black
Jazz / Fusion,21,6B,EJ Clean                       
Jazz / Fusion,22,6C,Fender Clean   
Jazz / Fusion,23,6D,Fender Dual Clean              
Jazz / Fusion,24,7A,Fender JazzB5  
Jazz / Fusion,25,7B,Flip Top w EQ                  
Jazz / Fusion,26,7C,Froosh BSSM Cln
Jazz / Fusion,27,7D,Hiwatt Podhd500                
Jazz / Fusion,28,8A,Hold on Intro                  
Jazz / Fusion,29,8B,Icedelay Mach  
Jazz / Fusion,30,8C,J-Rhythm       
Jazz / Fusion,31,8D,J45-BF Hybrid Cl
Jazz / Fusion,32,9A,Jazz           
Jazz / Fusion,33,9B,Jazzy                          
Jazz / Fusion,34,9C,Jazz 125 (Stern)               
Jazz / Fusion,35,9D,Jazz Box       
Jazz / Fusion,36,10A,Jazz comp      
Jazz / Fusion,37,10B,Jazz Double Lead
Jazz / Fusion,38,10C,Jazz Lead      
Jazz / Fusion,39,10D,JazzIVeq       
Jazz / Fusion,40,11A,JzDelPedal+RevDl
Jazz / Fusion,41,11B,Larry Carlton`CP
Jazz / Fusion,42,11C,mark_kz lukather
Jazz / Fusion,43,11D,mark_kz landau 
Jazz / Fusion,44,12A,mark_kz cutt   
Jazz / Fusion,45,12B,Master Class                   
Jazz / Fusion,46,12C,Mike Stern     
Jazz / Fusion,47,12D,My Deluxe w EQ 
Jazz / Fusion,48,13A,Pat Metheny 1  
Jazz / Fusion,49,13B,Pat Metheny 2  
Jazz / Fusion,50,13C,Petrucci Chorus
Jazz / Fusion,51,13D,Piezo DI       
Jazz / Fusion,52,14A,Pull Me Under Cl
Jazz / Fusion,53,14B,Purple Clean                   
Jazz / Fusion,54,14C,Simple Clean   
Jazz / Fusion,55,14D,Sm57 Bface     
Jazz / Fusion,56,15A,Smoky Jazz     
Jazz / Fusion,57,15B,Strat-Clean Bass
Jazz / Fusion,58,15C,The Dutch Riffer
Jazz / Fusion,59,15D,The Forgotten II
Jazz / Fusion,60,16A,Tube DI Shimmer
Jazz / Fusion,61,16B,Tweed BM New   
Jazz / Fusion,62,16C,When The Sun Goe
Jazz / Fusion,63,16D,XClean Delay                   

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by hurghanico on 2012-12-28 15:54:09.2900

thanks for sharing!

I think in this forum there are not many jazz guitar lovers, but mostly metalheads and people who play pop/rock covers ..
I personally love many kinds of music included the ones above
, and jazz in many flavors is definitely one of my favorite genres, from Wes to Scofield to Metheny etc. etc. ..
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here ..
the POD is also very well suited for this kind of music, a hope for jazz players who might mistakenly think that the POD
is suitable only for other genres of music..

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by Ed_Saxman on 2012-12-30 04:02:49.1160

Yes, it's true. Perhaps because jazz musicians are looking for a distinctive and unique sound, in which the musician and his instrument itself are at least 80% of the sound. It is also common in those who do use effects, make that particular sound his trademark, usually with very little variation in the entire career of a musician.

I found a website where you can find the equipment used by some of these great musicians:

Other interesting reading:

Regarding my Setlist, is only a preliminary version. I have other potential candidates who could replace some of the presets with less personality, or those sounding more similar. Or it might be a good idea to have the dry sounds, or less processed, separated from the others that have more effects?.
I appreciate any suggestions or input.

I'd also like people to share their setlists here classified by general styles, with a good selection of his best sounds. I think it makes no sense to have 512 disordered presets with dubious quality instead of 3 or 4 banks with very good sounds classified by the most common styles, to choose your (half dozen? A full dozen? of) favorite presets.

By the way, how many presets really need a musician?
Even if you play in a cover band, or you're a highly versatile musician who plays all styles, I can not believe that someone needs more than the 64 presets that fit in a single bank of the Pod. The problem, of course, is to find those best presets from the thousands of poor, or too similar to each other, which can be found in custom tone.
The star rating system does not always help, and I think they are not sufficiently well classified by style.

I understand that part of the appeal of the
pod line is to be able to create your own sound (which can be as good or bad as you're programming), but it would be very good starting point to have a good selection of presets for each style rather than a immense tower of Babel in which waste your time.

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by hurghanico on 2012-12-30 05:28:09.0590

thanks for the very interesting links above

to be sincere, I'm one of those people who rarely download and use custom tone patches, and also other patches taken from elsewhere..

I tend always to make my own patches from scratch, I feel the need to build the sound step by step as if I was doing a tailored suit for me..

it is something I really enjoy doing..

the type of guitar sound from which you start plays a fundamental role, and also your hands and the pick types (if any) ..
as the singer adjusts the equalization and effects perfectly to his voice, I try to do the same thing for the sound of the guitar that I chose to use..

in a nutshell, I consider the right guitar as a fundamental part of every patch..

as you did with the patches that you have kindly decided to share, I also, when I try other people's patches, I always edit them.. seldom I use them as they are..

having said that, I find, however, interesting to observe the work of others to take inspiration for new ideas and solutions

I also have a Variax 700, so I can hear the above sounds, more or less, the way you intend them..

given the title and the inspiration of some of the above patches, in my opinion in some cases it would have been better not to use a Gibson ES-175 model, as for example in the case of Mike Stern or Steve Lukather, which typically use solid body guitars..

keep doing and good job

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by Ed_Saxman on 2012-12-30 07:19:39.7890

I think you're absolutely right. In the next version I will also use al least one solid body model for these patches.

In addition to the ES-175 model, I use a custom telecaster tone created with workbench that clearly outperforms the original. I found it here: (Workbench patch creativity bundle)

You can replace your original model with the new telecaster, select position 5 (neck), set the tone at around 50-60%, and you will be surprised with how good the sound is! (Remember to set "T-Model-5" instead "F-T-model-5" if you´re using HD500 Edit.)

I also want to say that the presets in the setlist are not fully deep-edited yet, only even pretend to be some kind of basis on which to work, but at least we have something concrete. I hope to improve it gradually.

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by Akeron on 2012-12-30 08:45:25.2690

I think when trying other people patches, is very important to listen to a clip of that patch made by the author, to have an idea of the intentended sound, before even trying to use that patch. So even if one has very different gear (guitar and other things), you still have a chance to recreate that sound, adapting the patch to your setup. Keep up the good work.

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by JamminJim42 on 2012-12-30 11:44:42.2460

Wow thats a lot of work you put in........great job.  You obviously put in a few hours with this.  In your travels have you found any Holdsworth tones?  He has some pretty unique sounds that I wouldn't mind having at my

Re: HD500 Jazz/Fusion Setlist
by Ed_Saxman on 2013-01-09 09:26:19.3230

JamminJim42 escribió:

In your travels have you found any Holdsworth tones?  He has some pretty unique sounds that I wouldn't mind having at my

I think it will be really hard to replicate both the rig that he uses as his playing.

By the way, 100 downloads and almost no comment!

I guess you may have noticed that the volume of the mixer was totally exaggerated in most presets. I used the wrong way to measure the output (I considered only the peak level monitoring from my interface) but this is not a realistic way to do it. Sorry. So, If you download the setlist, you will have to adjust the mixer in each preset to your liking. When I have some free time will update the setlist, one of these days.

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