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JTV59 Issue
by yesfanhowe on 2012-12-28 12:04:45.8100

Just bought the JTV59 and the modes do not switch or stick. Just return and get another one ordered? I did the flash update and that did not fix it. Must be a switch issue? I will get 12 string for 20 seconds then it switches to acoustic. I try to switch it back - no luck. Does this on all the modes as best as I can tell.

I opened a ticket on 12/22 and have not gotten a response back yet (know its christmas so everyone might be off).


Re: JTV59 Issue
by yesfanhowe on 2012-12-30 09:22:01.0650

I found all the posts about this issue from the past. You would think they would have resolved this by now. And the fact is Line 6 sent a guitar to a customer that was not working. You're telling me no one tested it? The switch got faulty in shipping? Man.

Re: JTV59 Issue
by silverhead on 2012-12-30 09:30:13.1450

There was an acknowledged manufacturing issue with early JTV59 models. Line 6 should respond to your ticket soon (yes, Christmas certainly will cause a delay in response times) and your problem will most likely be taken care of.

The manufacturing issue was resolved some time ago. Perhaps this particular unit has been sitting in dealer inventory for some time?

Re: JTV59 Issue
by tnickasn on 2013-01-01 21:05:40.0440

Hi yesfanhowe,

I purchased a JTV-59 back in early Nov 2012.  I was just spending some time today with it and my HD500 (trying to create some HD500 preset patches) when I noticed that the models started changing on their own.  I first noticed this while I was trying to edit a patch using the HD500 Editor.  I would set it on T-model 1 (tele bridge pickup) and it would change to the other T-Model pickup models on it's own.   I thought it was maybe a bad VDI cable....anyway I quit the editor and instead of the VDI cable, I used a regular guitar cable and plugged it in to the guitar in of the HD500 and tried a few other models (Lester, spank, acoustic).  It started happening this way as well which sort of ruled out the VDI cable or interface.    I recall when I bought mine back in Nov 2012 I asked the sales guy (Long & McQuade in Vancouver Canada) when they had received the guitar becasue I had done some research and knew that earlier versions had a few glitches like this.  They told me they received it in Oct 2012.

Seems like whatever problem they had before has not been completely fixed.

I'm going to log a case with Line6 as well.

BTW:  I tried finding other discussions about this, but only found this one and one other.  What key words will net me a list of similar issues?


Re: JTV59 Issue
by tnickasn on 2013-01-01 21:49:23.2550

Hi again,

I did some more digging and now realize that my JTV-59 was built 23 months before i bought it 'new' (one could argue something sitting around that long is hardly new) from Long & McQuade in Vancouver Canada.  I check my serial number and based on the info I have, when it starts with 'W1101' that means it was built in Jan 2011 (and I purchased Nov 2012....holly cr* my opinion that's a long time to sit on the shelf in inventory somewhere).

Yesfanhowe,   check your serial number.  The first 4 digits indicate year and month of build  (in my case 1101 means 2011, January).   Maybe you got old stock as well.   According to other posts I read, the problem you have (as well as I) continued with products built up to April 2011.


Re: JTV59 Issue
by edstar1960 on 2013-01-02 01:30:52.6700

That sounds like the classic 59 switch problem - and as you have discovered you do have old stock - so it just needs a new switch which Line6 will sort for you.

Hope they get it fixed quickly for you.

Re: JTV59 Issue
by tnickasn on 2013-01-02 09:51:50.4880

Thanks Edstar1960.   I logged a support ticket last night.   I'm just a little pissed that the guitar I bought 'new' somehow managed to sit around in someones inventory for almost 2 years.  The sales guy at the dealer said they had recently received it into their inventory (in Oct 2012).  Makes me wonder if he was lying to me or maybe it sat in Line6 inventory or a distributor for almost 2 years?    Maybe I'm naive to assume guitars sit around that long before being sold in general.  I can see several months...maybe a year...but 22+ that is surprising.  If I had realized this guitar was from that builf timeframe I would not have purchased it (would have requested more recent stock).


Re: JTV59 Issue
by phil_m on 2013-01-02 11:02:38.8890

It just depends on the retailer. Once the retailer buys it, it theirs until they sell it. I've seen small stores that have the same items on the shelves for years.

Re: JTV59 Issue
by yesfanhowe on 2013-01-05 12:33:25.5060

My serial number starts with 1203 so it was built in March then, so I guess it could be one of the lemons. Retarded. They told me to send it back.



Re: JTV59 Issue
by yesfanhowe on 2013-01-05 12:35:17.0700

The variax is a computer with strings. Imagine if someone sold you a computer that was 2 years old and claimed it was new. Not a good way to do business..

Re: JTV59 Issue
by yesfanhowe on 2013-01-05 12:49:17.2180

I ordered it in late Nov. Sam Ash music delivered it so may have been in their stock since March - serial number starts 1203 so built in March 12. Oh well, I guess if you buy a new car from a dealer that has been sitting in the lot for 6 months it could already have re-call issues. Not sure if they have a re-call policy but they certainly should have notified dealers to get JTV-59s fixed/returned. Still very disappointed though. Modeling is what it is all about.


Re: JTV59 Issue
by yesfanhowe on 2013-01-05 12:52:23.5710

I just put in Line 6 search box jtv-59 model

Re: JTV59 Issue
by phil_m on 2013-01-05 15:46:31.6050

That's not really a completely accurate analogy, though. The processor in a Variax manufactured two years ago is the same as one manufactured today. Other than the faulty switches on some of the earlier produced versions, there's no difference between the those and the newly manufactured ones. I've actually never seen a company that produces a product that doesn't have to do with health or safety issue recall. In the cases of cars and food, people can be hurt or killed by defective products. The stakes aren't quite as high with something like a guitar. It's a pain, for sure, but I think that's why companies don't issue recalls on products for which there's a higher than normal chance of a defect.

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