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Pod Farm 2- How do I disengage everything & get a completely clean sound?
by dlifesjrny on 2012-12-28 14:47:42.9340

I used to use Gearbox. Next to the tuner switch there was a power switch that would let me turn everthing off and I would just hear myself clean (no amp, cabs, effects, etc.) and even the tone name would turn faded.

How do I do that in Pod Farm? I clicked the power buttuns off over all the individual cabs, effects, etc. in a loaded tone, but there's still something...some kind of hiss.

Is there a one-stop kind of button to let me monitor and record totally dry?

I play Roland Vdrums (TDW-20) into my computer through a UX2 and I use Line Stereo as the input. In Gearbox, I could turn the effects, etc. off with that one button and hear the drums the way they would sound as though I had my headphones plugged into the drum module. I can't seem to figure out how to do that with Pod Farm 2.


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