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Pod Studio UX2, sudden wall-of-noise problem.
by raidmaster on 2012-12-29 07:15:27.5260

Hello everyone.

I've a following problem. I have UX2 for a long time, 4 years or so, and when I used it about 2 years ago it was ok and everything was fine. Lately I wanted to use it again (I took a break from playing) and I have a strange problem.

It's like this: I'm using Reaper with a Overloud VST hooked up, and everything is fine for like 5 minutes, all sound is like I want and there is no problem at all. But then, suddenly, weird thing happens, its like sudden wall-of-noise apperas out of nowhere, killing my ears, and it has nothing to do with what I'm playing (the sound of a guitar is gone). The "wall-of-noise" is affected a bit by a pressure on the strings, thats all. The fix is to restart Reaper, but after another 5 minutes its the same all over again, which makes playing a nightmare. It's worth poining out, that I always played this way (Reaper with Overloud VST) and it was fine 2 years ago.

Can you point out any probable cause? I'm using Win7 64-bit if that is of any help and my L6Monkey drivers are all updated.

Re: Pod Studio UX2, sudden wall-of-noise problem.
by BigChas52 on 2012-12-29 09:10:33.6720

Sounds like it may be a USB issue.  Try this.  Go into your PC's power options, and find the Advanced Settings.  Under USB Settings, disable the "USB selective suspend setting"

Long shot, but it may work.

Oh, another thing to try is to increase increase the Tone Direct buffer size in the Line 6 audio driver panel.

Good luck.

Re: Pod Studio UX2, sudden wall-of-noise problem.
by raidmaster on 2012-12-30 13:21:14.8450

Seems like you were right. Although the option you mentioned was already disabled and I didn't change anything in buffer size, I decided to replug POD into another USB port and unplug my external drive from other one. I also reinstalled everything and problem seems to dissappear. Thanks!

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