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Maple Fretboard
by jparis51 on 2012-12-29 09:38:00.8020

The maple fretboard looks great on the black JTV-69S and I like the feel of maple. Has anybody heard any talk of making it an option on the other Korean finishes? I'm especially thinking of the 3-tone Sunburst SSS model, I think it would get a little closer to a true Strat sound from the magnetics, and I'd love to have that classic Buddy Holly Strat look...

Re: Maple Fretboard
by pauliusmm on 2013-01-05 16:18:04.0340


Maple neck/sunburst/SSS would be awesome!

Re: Maple Fretboard
by kylesalone on 2013-01-10 13:43:59.6420

Put an aftermarket maple neck on.. I did, and its awesome! Many others did as well

Re: Maple Fretboard
by jparis51 on 2013-01-12 08:30:57.7780

Well when I got to thinking about that it quickly became a no-brainer and I'm absolutely going to go for it! This seems like a real favorite among JTV-69 players:, was it your choice too?

I'm thinking the compound version, and getting excited about having better playability and losing the Variax headstock to boot. Thanks!

Re: Maple Fretboard
by snhirsch on 2013-01-12 09:39:10.2020

That be the one.  Install it and never look back!

I did have to shim mine slightly at the outside end of the pocket in order to avoid raising the bridge pieces excessively.  After a lot of research on the interwebs, I took the approach of building up a "wedge" using 2" wide painter's masking tape.  It graduates from one layer at the inside of the pocket (closest to bridge) and expands to five at the outside.  This is probably better for the neck than putting a single narrow shim at the outside and leaving the middle unsupported.  There are as many opinions on the subject as there are ways to do it, but after tightening the neck down, leaving it for 24 hours to compress the tape and retightening it's solid as a rock.  If anything the sustain seems better (the original neck had a single narrow shim on the inside).

Re: Maple Fretboard
by clay-man on 2013-03-16 12:31:43.0710

Yes, please do more Maple Neck options. I love my 600, and I'm glad there were so many options with the maple neck. I'd kill for a sunburst maple SSS

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