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Turning your M20 recordings into one track cd recordings
by CraigDavson on 2012-12-30 15:28:02.2920

Hi guys, this is going to prob seem a pretty lame query but I am new to all this stuff so I'll ask anyway. I have recently purchased the M20, great desk love it.

I recorded a couple of tracks onto SD card and played them back and they are all sweet. Loaded them onto my P.C. and now need to ask how do I actually transfer and combine the solo tracks on to CD.

Is this something I need to do with a programme such as wavelab etc. Can I then also mix it down and fine tune it a little more in the process.

As I said this is prob really basic and I do apologise but any help would be greatly appreciated as the only tutorial video I can find is about the stuff I already taught myself about recording down onto the SDcard.

These desks are very new here in New Zealand and at the moment I am one of only five in the country so support and knowledge base here is pretty slim.

Cheers guys.

Re: Turning your M20 recordings into one track cd recordings
by silverhead on 2012-12-30 16:17:43.6520

Yes, you need another software application on your computer to combine the tracks into a single stereo track (e.g. *.wav or *.mp3 file) and create a CD of the output. The latter part is pretty easy - most computers come with standard CD-audio creation utilities. The former part requires a specific audio application, usually a multi-track recording program. Something like Garageband would work for you in a mac environment. For PC you might want something like Reaper (">"> Reaper is a bit more complicated, but very powerful and great value for the $$. You can use the very basic features to do what you need, and explore it more deeply if/when you want.

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