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Upgrading from pod xt to pod HD
by Graomi on 2012-12-31 06:01:30.0350

So after 8 years of successful use of my pod xt and fbv shortboard mk1 I have decided to upgrade to the pod HD desktop mainly due to problems I am having with the pod xt (changes in volume and I think the rotary pods just basically wearing out.

However I have a couple of questions:

Will I be able to use my fbv mk1 with a pod hd?

But more importantly is there a way of transferring my tones from the xt to the HD, i noticed that the amp model I use more than any other the soldano SLO-100 listed as solo100 is not on the HD. Do folk think that this will cause me a lot of problems in getting my custom tones again on the HD?

I reason i want to go with the hd desktop is that being an old git and not liking wearing my glasses during a gig I cant see down to the floor for changing the tones etc and like having the pod up high for changes between songs.

Any advice would be gratefully received.



ps happy new year all.

Re: Upgrading from pod xt to pod HD
by BigChas52 on 2012-12-31 06:14:00.1120

Yes, you can use your FBV Mk1 with POD HD.

No, you cannot simply transfer XT tones to HD.  The modeling technologies and signal flow are totally different.  The HD has less amps than a fully loaded XT, but what is there is superior in sound and feel.  You'll need to recreate your custom patches manually.  Sorry.  That said, it is worth it! 

Re: Upgrading from pod xt to pod HD
by joel_brown on 2012-12-31 06:25:58.9840

Read this...

Be patient and take a lot of time to learn the PODHD.  Took me 3 months to get the sounds I wanted but it was worth it.

Re: Upgrading from pod xt to pod HD
by Guitarmaniac64 on 2013-01-06 03:20:02.5690

It works but the shortboard isn´t really speaking the same language as it do with the XT

You have to configure it with every patch you create

I.e if you add a distpedal it can be placed on the reverb switch or the mod switch on the shortboard by deafult

Thats really bad of Line6 to do that kind of programming of course they want you to upgrade to their latest shortboard model (the one with the usb connection) that is working in harmony with POD HD

But atleast it´s working with the old shortboards.

That was not the case with the older midiboards the ones before shortboard the one that worked with POD 1 and 2 and some of the Amps Line6 produce back then.

Ii think it´s lame as it is a MIDI switching system that should work for every product even if the MIDI is transmitted via the old fashion way with MIDI ports or if it is via an USB port or as in most Line6 cases a cat5 aka network cable port.

(Atleast it´s look very similar to a network cable)

You can configure a FCB1010 or any other MIDI board to work with XT or X3 so why on earth cant you use an OLD midiswitching boards that line6 produce with newer Line6 products?

Of course it is some programming so they will work effortless with eachother but i think it´s really lame as a customer to have to buy a new midiboard just so i can swith patches on my new Line6 product.

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