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Bogner alchemist footswitch=dead
by jtm620 on 2012-12-31 14:47:08.3140

So, I know that this is the "wrong" place for this, but I'm desperate. Here's my story: I bought my Bogner Alchemist head new from GC last May or so, and in late october the footswitch started acting up. The footswitch was misassigning commands to the head on the lead channel. Meaning if the FS was set to clean then I could activate/deactivate the Boost, Delay, and Reverb. When I would "switch" to lead I would suddenly have to find the right combination to get somewhere near what I wanted. I immediately began searching for the part # of course... found you can't buy them separately... and then went to Voodooman. I ordered a replacement from him on Nov. 2nd, and then never heard a word. Upon further research the owner of Voodooman also owns Black Label switches as well... and has had hundreds of complaints to Better Business Bureau filed in 2012 alone. So that failed and is no longer an option. I like my alchemist and I'm not ready to get rid of it because of a footswitch problem! I either need the schematics to the footswitch so I can take it to an electronics expert and let him diagnose/fix the problem, or a new one sent out. Does anyone know of another company that isn't as sketchy/shoddy/unprofessional(can you tell I'm angry?) as Voodooman/Black label switches, that makes or repairs complicated footswitches?   Help me!

Re: Bogner alchemist footswitch=dead
by Rowbi on 2013-01-02 14:08:49.6100

I don't think L6 will give you the schematic, but have you tried emailing Line 6, as if it's under 1 year old it should be covered under warranty.

contact L6 directly for tech support here:

I know g-lab has an adapter to connect one of their midi controllers to an alchemist and to switch all the settings:

But it wont be cheap.

Failing that, is the foot switch micro processor controlled, of it is just resistor based with different resistances being connected along the cable using the foot switches?

Hope all that helps


Re: Bogner alchemist footswitch=dead
by jtm620 on 2013-01-18 09:33:04.4120

The Conclusion to my story: After doing a lot more research on the "Bogner" Alchemist, I decided that going through the trouble to get a replacement footswitch that has a good chance of going on the fritz again was a bad idea. I also decided that spending the money on a switching system that costs more, or close to, the price of the alchemist itself was also not an efficient use of money. But most importantly.. I have found that the Alchemist was a Line6/Bogner experiment that ultimately failed, and the only reason I got a deal on it was because they were being discontinued. Apparently I got out lucky anyway. Others have had worse horror stories with this amp far worse than mine, for sure. So instead of sticking with something that I felt betrayed by, and no longer trusted to be reliable, I went to GC and took a loss on a trade in. As a gigging musician, I need a professional piece of equipment that I can count on for every gig. So I traded it in for an Egnater Renegade 65w. Best sounding amp I've ever played and could immediately tell the difference in build quality.. and the footswitch has a part #!

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