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DT25 FX loop in LVM/Standby
by danievanderwalt on 2013-01-01 07:00:07.3260

I want to confirm that the that the FX loop is not active when the DT25 is in LVM and standby using the 4CM.

Re: DT25 FX loop in LVM/Standby
by Rowbi on 2013-01-02 14:01:26.2730

in low volume mode I think the FX loop is active, as the point of LVM is that it's the same as the high vol mode except it's quieter and also uses full DSP amp models to give you that cranked amp sound at low volume.

not sure off the top of my head about FX loop being off when in standby.  I think in standby the direct out is all DSP, as there's no power to the power tubes in standby, so I imagine the loop wouldn't work, but I've never tried that as I've never needed to know.

Hope that answers half your question


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