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POD X3 to POD HD500
by Loekito on 2013-01-01 07:32:11.9600

Hi everybody.. happy new year

Basicly I'm looking for guitar tone on Duran Duran's song name "Come Undone". I'm already looking in the custom tone, but cannot find any HD500 preset for it, but there's in the X3 preset.

Is there anyway to convert from POD patch X3 to POD HD500 patch?

I know that both are have different amp/effect model, buat at least, convert it to the most equivalent / similar settings.

or does anybody know how to create that tone from scratch using HD500?

Thanks al lot,


Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by silverhead on 2013-01-01 07:39:58.7830

No - you can't transfer an X3 patch into an HD500 patch. You would need to manually create an HD500 patch that matches the X3 settings as closely as possible, but even then it won't sound the same because the Modeling for both amps and FX is completely different in the HD500 than in the X3.

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by CairnsFella on 2013-01-01 16:18:20.0080

Loekito wrote:

or does anybody know how to create that tone from scratch using HD500?

Im not sure how one can establish what fx are used in patches for units you do not own. It may be worth sending an IM to the creator of the X3 patch, or asking someone on the X3 forum to tell you what is used and in what order.

As intimated by Silverhead though, you will still need to tweak your sound, and are quite likely to need to substitute fx for something similar (as it is, the x3 tone uses an amp not available on the HD, however if you read up the amps characteristics you will likely find something suitable in the HD's arsenal)

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by Loekito on 2013-01-01 21:06:19.8540

Hey guys, thanks for the reply.

Yep, since the creator who owns X3, don't own any HD-series POD, so we need to examine by ourself the patches on the X3, and try to recreate it on HD500.

I'll try to ask the creator about it's patches, maybe i'll be back to this post to ask for the equivalent fx on the HD500.

Btw, if someone here got that "Come Undone" tone on HD500, will be appreciate for the help.



Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by adamf on 2013-01-02 05:17:42.5900

Well I'm sure if it was going to be done it would have been done... I mean some kind of program to convert the x3 patches over to the hd series.... It's funny because in a performance I just did for Christmas Eve I went and used my old x3 instead of my HD 500...... While you can  get a good tone out of the 500 I just found it easier to break out the x3 and gig.   I really enjoyed  the way it sounded and in fact  I just going to gig with it for a while.

I guess my point is The X3 is no slouch

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by Akeron on 2013-01-02 05:50:56.8090

Download the X3 version of Edit and see what has been used in the patch, then try to recreate some of that in the HD.

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by silverhead on 2013-01-02 06:33:30.4560

Unfortunately, the X3 editor (Gearbox) does not run without an X3 connected. And the OP does not have an X3. He is trying to just download an X3 Customtone patch and use it in an HD500.

The Pod HD series editors do run in offline mode - but not the X3 editor.

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by Loekito on 2013-01-06 21:38:51.5610

Does POD Farm will do? I did have POD X3 last time before I sold it and went to POD HD and it came with special version of POD Farm that use POD X3 hardware as its "dongle" via usb connection.

If I'm not mistaken (please correct me if I'm wrong):

1. POD Farm will still running, but it will not produce any sound when there's no any POD X3 connected.

2. POD Farm will load any POD X3 custome tone (same file naming and structure).

But I'm not sure, since I think I don't have the software anymore since I'm sold the hardware.. sigh...

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by silverhead on 2013-01-07 07:17:40.5280

1) Your Pod Farm license was bundled with the X3 hardware. When you sold the hardware, the Pod Farm license went with it. Your version of Pod Farm will not run without the X3 connected. When you try to run it you will get an error message complaining that the required hardware is not connected.

2) Yes, Pod Farm can load any X3 tone file.

.... but you will now need to purchase a Pod Farm license in order to use it.

Re: POD X3 to POD HD500
by Loekito on 2013-01-07 07:25:38.5000

Yes, u right.... thanks for your help.

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